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  4. Foods and Languages of the World
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  6. Using Words to Work Things Out
  7. International Festival: Passport to the World
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Elementary School

Getting to Know You - David Montgomery and Ayesha Moorefield
Subject Area: Music, Art, Language Arts, Creative Movement
Grade level: 3rd Grade
Length of Lesson: 45-55 minutes
Objectives: After defining different types of poetry and providing examples of authors, classic poems, and basic literary terms the student will be able to express emotions by illustrating their experiences through...

Foods and Languages of the World - Miriam Blumenfeld and Melissa Bilenski
Subject Area: Diversity
Grade level: Kindergarten (Ages 5-6) to 3rd Grade
Length of Lesson: 60 minutes
Objectives:After giving a brief discussion on the history of Mexico, followed by the story Corn is Maize, students will be taught ten new words for foods in Spanish using flashcards. Then the students will be cooking with some...

Using Words to Work Things Out - Rachael Hall and Gabriel Bubon
Subject Area: Diversity
Grade level: Third Grade
Length of Lesson: 60 minutes
Objectives: To help students gain the necessary skills to understand how words can be used to resolve conflicts. Students will be expected to use active listening skills as well as communication and oral presentation skills to resolve conflict.

Lesson: AccessABILITY - Dr. Connie Craven
Subject Area: Diversity, Art, Communications and Physical Education
Grade level:Elementary (Grades 2-4)
Length of Lesson: 80 to 320 minutes
Objectives:In this lesson the teacher will develop explanations of certain disabilities represented by children with disabling conditions in the class. Once the approval and help of the children with disabilities and their families is obtained...

The Mighty Oak - Dr. Connie Craven
Subject Area: Diversity Integrated with Science and Art
Grade level: K-1, and 3
Length of Lesson: 30-165 minutes
Objectives:This lesson will utilize an original story to dramatize that differences in physical traits do not change important characteristics dealing with feelings, needs, worth, and qualities that make us who we are. Through questioning, summarization, and other activities, diversity will be treated...

Project Students L.E.A.D.: The Mosaic School - Dr. Connie Craven
Subject Area: Multicultural Instruction, Integrated Themes in Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Music
Grade level: Elementary to Middle School (Grades 3-6)
Length of Lesson: 20 hours, (1200 minutes) over a period of five weeks.
Objectives:This integrated unit will: Help children develop ideas about themselves and others that are positive and draw on cultural contributions, Create conditions under which children learn about their families and heritage to develop a better understanding of...


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